Disney Princes Aren't So Dreamy In Real Life

Disney movies gave us all kinds of unrealistic expectations — where are the fairy godmothers and crystal slippers and helpful dwarves? But, there are two truths that are particularly hard to swallow. First, your hair will never look that good. Second, boys will never be like the Disney princes. And, while that may sound like a bummer, BuzzFeed points out that this is actually a good thing. When you think about it, Disney princes are actually kind of creepy.
Aladdin is a liar. Eric has only a vague idea of what his girlfriend looks like. And, let's get real, Prince Charming is just the kinda guy who stares at you while you're sleeping. None of this makes for very healthy relationships. It's even creepier when you realize these guys would all be on Tinder.
Check out the video below for a scary look at what dating would be like if Disney princes were real.

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