Guess Who Wore Pasties To Fashion Week?

Her "Dirty Hippie" art collection won't hit Jeremy Scott's runway show until Wednesday, but Miley Cyrus is already putting her stamp on New York Fashion Week.
The pop star is making waves thanks to her behavior at last night's Alexander Wang after-party. For starters, there was her ensemble, which consisted mainly of nipple pasties in the shape of ice cream cones. Miley then proceeded to open-mouth kiss Wang himself, twerk with abandon (okay, that one's not so surprising), and generally let her inner party girl loose. We've all been there.
Like most morning-after photos, the resulting Instagrams are making people shocked (shocked!) at Hannah Montana's reckless actions. Unless they've actually been following Cyrus' career for the past year or so, in which case, this is all fairly standard. What's she gonna do, wear a little black dress and make small talk with fellow party guest Kendall Jenner over canapes?
Anyway, if you're not a fan of barely covered nipples, steer clear of Instagram for a day or two. If you are, well, you've got to give the girl credit. Wearing almost nothing to a fashion party certainly takes wrecking-sized balls. (The Cut)

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