Chloe Sevigny Accessorizes With A 2000 MacBook

rexusa_1929102xPhoto: Laurent Benhamou/Rex USA.
Chloe Sevigny is having trouble letting go of the past. In June, she revealed to that she's unable to part with much of her clothing. "I don't know why, but I hold onto outfits from almost every event I've ever gone to," she told the site. So, she's created an archive of clothing in Connecticut.
In an August interview with The Daily Beast, she pines for the days when New York wasn't so overrun with frat bros. "There are so many fuckin' jocks everywhere!" she told the website. In that same interview, she reveals she's still using a 15-year-old MacBook.
Gawker points to a line in the article that reads: "At this point, Sevigny has to run. She has an appointment at the Soho Apple Store to fix her 15-year-old Macbook."
Ah, yes. The 2000 PowerBook. Gizmodo editor-in-chief Brian Barrett told Gawker Sevigny's probably using this very machine. And, if so, "she has half the disk space you'd need to run Chrome and probably half the RAM, but I don't think she even has the hardware you'd need. Basically, Chrome alone would destroy her computer."
But, no matter; that kind of deconstruction would only complement the New York aesthetic Chloe's trying to preserve. (Gawker)