Why Has No One Done This Makeup Collection Before?

Update: Quit your shivering with antici...pation! MAC x Rocky Horror is available for purchase online today. Now go forth and shop!
This story was originally published on September 2:
It's not all that often that a new makeup collection renders us completely speechless. But, that was exactly what happened when we heard that MAC will be releasing a 21-piece assemblage completely dedicated to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. When we finally came to our senses, one question hit us in the head (not unlike a roll of toilet paper hurled through the air during a midnight showing): Why the hell has no one done this before? This thought was quickly pushed out by images of Meatloaf riding on a motorcycle, and Susan Sarandon in a bra and slip.
Let's be honest: There's no cult classic film that lends itself to a makeup collection as brilliantly as Rocky Horror. Dr. Frank-N-Furter, played gloriously by Tim Curry, sports some intense eye makeup and glossy lipstick. Magenta's bedroom eyes are the stuff of beauty dreams, and Columbia leaves a trail of glitter everywhere she goes.
Thankfully, the collection does the film justice. There are glitter pots galore, four lipsticks in varying shades of crimson, and a set of false lashes that would make anyone's eyes heavy. Basically, this is the Rocky Horror haul that everyone who has ever gone to a midnight showing of the film desperately wished they'd had.
But don't just take our word for it. Click through to see every stitch of the collection, which is set to launch September 30 online. Better start practicing your Time Warp to try and speed up the clock.

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