Your Instagram Videos Will Never Look The Same Again

Flash forward ten years from now: We wouldn't be surprised if most Hollywood directors are shooting their films with smartphones.
Okay, so that might be a bit of a stretch. But, with the release of the new Hyperlapse from Instagram, your phone videos are about to get a lot more cinematic.
The standalone app, which was released today, allows users to make timelapse videos with the simple click of a button. What is normally a complex, time-consuming process that requires ultra-expensive equipment, some expertise, and a whole lotta time, has been simplified thanks to image stabilization technology that creates the illusion of a Steadicam.
The decision to launch Hyperlapse as a separate app rather than have it embedded directly within Instagram stems from a desire to not have the new technology go unnoticed by users. This way, people can shoot videos using Hyperlapse and decide afterwards whether or not they want to share it on Instagram. If videos are shared, they'll have to adhere to Instagram's current 15 seconds or less policy.
For a look at how the new app works, watch the video below. Your move, GoPro. (Mashable)

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