Tiffany & Co.'s Newest Collection Is An Instant Classic

Tiffany’s is known for its heirloom gems — diamond engagement rings and heart-tag bracelets are just some of its oft-celebrated offerings. And, this week we're making room for even more, as the iconic label welcomes Tiffany T to its ranks.
This new collection marks design director Francesca Amfitheatrof’s first line for the brand. Amfitheatrof highlights the influence New York City's architecture had on the sculptural pieces, but we're really vibing on the timeless aspects that make them perfect for everyday wear.
Though, how does one justify pricey purchases like these? After all, $5,000 is no small potatoes to be doling out for a bracelet. Simple: These rings, cuffs, and necklaces are meant to be loved and passed down (likely a few more generations or more). So, over time your investment will pay itself off in spades.
Best shopping rationale ever? Sure, we're going with it.
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