Rad Or Bad: Rita Ora's Pearly Pony

One of the main reasons we love Rita Ora? She's a total beauty wild card. She's done bleached brows, unicorn braids, and My Little Pony ombré. But, her latest hair stunt may top them all. The singer took to Instagram to show off some interesting head gear: a series of pearls worked into her braids and ponytail.
We initially had to do a double take when we saw her mane because it almost looked like Ora had simply slid a tiara onto her head. But, the pearls are actually woven into three braids across her scalp and then dotted down her updo.
It's definitely a Rita-worthy look, one that we're not surprised to see her wearing considering her affinity for the dramatic. But, we're still on the fence about it. How long did it take? Don't those suckers hurt in there? What happens if you want to lie down? Also, are the pearls real? The whole thing is giving us flashbacks to this runway look from Chanel.
If we had assistants willing to spend two hours weaving multiple pearls into our hair, we might be down for giving Rita's look a shot. But, what about you? Do you think her pearly blonde hair is rad or just bad? Let us know in the comments below.

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