What Basic Fashion Girls Say

My-Style-embedPhoto: Courtesy of Zara.
I’m really a low-maintenance girl at heart. I was a total tomboy growing up. I loved playing with all the boys, in the mud, like just beating the shit out of each other, you know? I was a nerd; I loved books. You know books? I’ve only recently begun to embrace my girly side. Most days, I just wear something simple, like jeans and a T-shirt. I love all kinds of jeans; I have like 30 pairs. I wear them forever; they are my uniform. I never wash my denim. I think it’s bad for it; that’s what Tom Ford told me. I don’t know. I don’t really pay attention to this stuff, haha. I think a woman looks sexiest in just a man’s white shirt.
I love dresses, all kinds of dresses. They really just show off a woman’s form, you know? Altuzarra is the best for dresses, of course, but I think you can find great stuff at H&M and Zara! I’m really into high/low dressing, like wearing a classic Hermès bag with something from Forever 21, or a burlap sack, like for feeding domesticated, grain-fed fowl. I think lingerie is really important, like it really matters what you wear under your clothes, even if no one sees it but you. It’s not for a man, it’s for your confidence — in case a man sees you naked.
I’m not super into trends, like I won’t wear something just because it’s trendy, but I’m loving all the sheer pants from the shows, I just think they’re so wearable if done right, and so flattering. I’m also loving all the oxblood this season. It just sounds so much edgier than maroon, which is what people called that color until two weeks ago.
For evening, I love a little black dress. Was it Yves Saint Laurent who said you are never over- or under-dressed in a little black dress? Sometimes, if I want to kick it up a notch, I’ll wear a big cocktail ring or a headpiece. But never an “arm party” — what is this, 2012? And shoes! Birkenstocks have run their course by now, but I do love a good ugly shoe. I think the next big thing will be shoes made out of fossilized dirt.
With hair and makeup I’m pretty minimal. I always let my hair air-dry, because Frédéric Fekkai told me that blowdryers literally fry your hair, so now I’m super paranoid, like I really try to steer clear of things like wind. I just started putting oil in my hair after I shower, which makes it really soft and shiny, plus I smell like a tailgate. I’ve been going to the same hairdresser in Paris since I was in my twenties; she’s the only one who can do it right! I think I would instantly perish if she ever stopped cutting hair.
I really hate wearing foundation, so I just wear concealer everywhere. I love Chanel’s products; their packaging is so nice. I’m a sucker for nice packaging, which is why I always use FedEx instead of UPS. During the day, I’ll just do mascara. I love drugstore mascara, Maybelline is the best, even better than the really expensive ones, and I’ve tried them all, because I’m rich! I don’t mind my mascara smudging a little. I like my makeup to seem lived-in, like an old T-shirt or my other house. Then, for blush, I use Benetint. I’ve been using it since I was six! It just makes a really natural flush. Anyway, hope this helps! Xoxo.

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