Aladdin Cast Pays Tribute To Robin Williams

It seems no facet of the entertainment industry was untouched by the late Robin Williams. Though he's largely lauded for his cinematic and stand-up comedy performances, he was also a Broadway star. In 2002, he staged Robin Williams: Live On Broadway, and in 2011 he performed in Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo. Tuesday night, the cast of Aladdin on Broadway paid tribute to Williams, honoring him as one of the greatest entertainers in the world. One of Williams' most iconic roles, of course, was his voiceover as Genie in the Disney film.
James Iglehart, who won a Tony this year for his role as Genie in the Broadway adaptation of Aladdin, spoke about the impact Williams had on his life. After the performance, he led the audience and cast in a rendition of "Friend Like Me." The evening's Playbill included song lyrics for the tune so everyone could participate.
Below, the heartfelt clip of Igleheart and friends honoring Williams. (Mashable)