A Shirt That Could Save Your Life — But, Actually

To most, a shirt is a shirt is a shirt. But, if you're biking in the dark, that very shirt can make all the difference. That is, if you're wearing Betabrand. The online clothier came up with a genius way to ensure bike safety — and look smart doing it.
Betabrand invented a way to make sure cars and passersby take notice of you — even the sun's gone down. How? 3M threads are woven into plaid button downs, which are reflective in the dark. But, the shirts are made of soft cotton so they don't scratch or itch while you're cruising down the street. Which means no more scary rides home — and, no more reflective bibs necessary. We'd say your safety is worth the $108, no? Now, all we need is that beach cruiser and we've got ourselves a nighttime cycle plan. Click through for a look at the threads making a huge and welcomed difference.

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