What Your Recently Used Emojis Say About You

Looking at your "recently used" section of emojis can cause a whirlwind of feelings. Do you even remember texting the Horse and Party Hat to your roommate? And, if you did, what does that say about you and your questionable party-planning skills?
Dan Brill, a copywriter for Droga5, who also brought you such gems as New Yeezy Resolutions and Broker Bodega, has spent a lot of time thinking about this. Now, he's taken his musings and created Emojianalysis. Readers can submit their emojis for analysis — and he delivers the brutal truth.
On his Tumblr, Brill analyzes your recently used emojis. "I like to think of Emojinalysis as a blend of highly irresponsible, unlicensed psychoanalysis and fan fiction about people I don't know," he told us. "But, I do believe there's some truth to the idea that you can get insights into people's lives via their recently used emoji."
So, what is it about your emoji usage that gets Brill's wheels turning? "When analyzing a set, I try to look for themes, pairings, and story lines that can lead to insights into what might be happening in this stranger's world," he says. On a much simpler level, though, he also admits, "I'm completely making all this crap up." To test his expertise, we offered up five editors' emojis for dissection. Ahead, Brill proves that, even though he has zero experience in psychoanalysis, he's basically a genius.

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