World’s Second-Most-Expensive Bag Comes With A Butterfly Clip

529f1408eafe5-1Photo: Courtesy of The House of Borgezie.
Back in the day, butterfly clips were the building blocks of many a terrible '90s hairdo. Now, British jeweler Christopher Shellis has designed the perfect complement to your middle-school style. No, it's not a crystal tattoo; it's the House of Borgezie's gold-and-diamond clutch — and it will cost you an arm, a leg, and possibly a couple of other organs. The Le Palais clutch's £105,000 (or $177,949.27) price tag gets you 345 diamonds, 18-carat-gold clasps, and a 1,000-year guarantee. But, the real kicker is perched under the bag's handle, nestled in the corner. That's right: Buy the Le Palais clutch, and you will be investing in the world's most expensive butterfly clip. That's quite a comeback for a retro piece of plastic.
The clutch was designed for the lavish type: regal, elegant, and accustomed to carrying thousands of dollars' worth of jewels on his or her person. "It could easily be worn by any royal princess," Shellis told the Daily Mail. While the bag is spacious enough to hold an iPhone and makeup — basic requirements for any going-out clutch — Shellis envisions the owner to be wealthy enough to "have staff hold those items."
To dismiss any lingering doubt about who Shellis' ideal customer is, take a gander at the clutch's exterior: The diamond-crusted bars are a dead ringer for Buckingham Palace. Although, knowing Duchess Kate's thrifty tendencies, it's unlikely she'd ever purchase such an extravagant item — even if rumors are true and Royal Baby #2 (a possible purse-needing princess) is on the way.
Surprisingly enough, this isn't the world's most expensive bag; that honor goes to Mouwad's 1001 Nights Diamond Purse, which retails at $3.8 million. Nevertheless, the Le Palais clutch is breaking records of its own — namely, that of Most Expensive '90s Comeback to date. Will the bucket hat be able to top that?

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