10 Times Pockets Made Everything Better

We don't judge a dress solely on the fact that it has a place to hide a cell phone. But, we're of the mind that practicality matters. And, there's one special sartorial add-on that often makes the difference between a look we love and a look we'd love to be buried in: pockets.
Even the most devoted gown lovers admit that these are not the garments with which you can forgo a bag: There's no place to store a lipstick; you can't nestle a house key among its hem. When it comes to the red carpet, is it any wonder that the bra is still the best place to hide an acceptance speech? There are several celebrities who understand our appreciation for a simple, unexpected slit of a hip pocket. And, as far as we're concerned, their style game is all the better for it.
Maybe it's because pockets remind us of a casual basic, like a pair of Levi's or a favorite old varsity jacket. Their functional existence almost goes against the tucking, adjusting, and primping that formal dressing can sometimes call for. Plus, pockets are the cure-all for anyone who never knows what to do with their hands when being photographed. Yes, pockets are friends to polished posers and awkward anglers alike.
The 10 women ahead get it. Keep one hand in your pocket, and the other one can click through to see what we mean.

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