These 2 Apps Will Help You Have The Best Summer Ever (Seriously)

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A bold claim, we know, but hear us out. There are two new apps that have the power to drastically improve your summer — one through delayed gratification and the other by helping you avoid the major summer bummer that is a sunburn.
First up is One-Hour Photo. Remember how it felt to eat meals while they were still warm? Your food would arrive, and instead of pausing to photograph it and spending 15 minutes finding the right filter, you'd just dig in? This app wants to reclaim those magical days.
After taking a photo, it does exactly what its name implies — makes you wait one full hour to see it. The app also renders the pictures for which you so patiently wait into stark black and white, so it really feels like you took it to an old-fashioned, one-hour photo developer to have it processed.
This way, "nobody gets distracted in the moment by reviewing photos as they're being taken," the app's creators point out. "Each photo becomes a little present to your future self," they add.
You know what else is a present to your future self? Avoiding damaging sun exposure that could lead to skin cancer. It sounds grim, but it's true. The Wolfram Sun Exposure Reference App gives you detailed, real-time information about how current weather conditions will affect your personal skin type.
Input your skin tone, the date, time, and the SPF you're currently using (or considering applying), and the app determines how long your skin can be in the sun before burning. It also provides a rundown of the UV forecast, sun position, sunrise and sunset times, and weather forecast for the day. Mega helpful.
So, there you have it: Two apps that really will improve your summer. Whether it's practicing delayed gratification or preventing sunburns, your future self already thanks you for using them. (Huh Magazine; The New York Times)

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