It’s Easy To Get A Cab When You’re Cara Delevigne & Not Wearing Pants

spl803183_001Photo: Blayze/Splash News.
Cara Delevingne was spotted hailing a cab in Soho late Thursday night. It doesn't matter what she was doing before this moment. It doesn't even matter where she was planning on taking that taxi. All that matters is, in these photographs, it appears our model friend has neglected to put on a pair of pants.
And, why should she? New York City is very hot in the summer. Running around town without any bottoms on feels so in line with Delevingne's devil-may-care attitude that we should know better than to question it. Yet, there are so many things we want to know. Where are her pants? How does she manage to look so put together, even though half her outfit is missing. Is there a reason she's not using a car service? Is this, perhaps, a salute to the late Elaine Stritch? Is it possible she's just wearing a pair of super short shorts and a long shirt?
Why, yes. Yes it is.