Will Grumpy Cat's New Jam Be The Song Of Summer?

If "Fancy" isn't doing it for you song of summer-wise, get ready for a late entry to the game that could just run away with the title. Because, as the opening text of the official music video for "Cat Summer" (a Grumpy Cat joint) announces, "5 celebrity cats have reunited this summer...for the good of all cat and humankind."
Those five famous cats include the aforementioned Grumpy, Nala Cat, Oskar the Blind Cat & Klaus, and Hamilton the Hipster Cat. Think of them as the One Direction of the feline world. Grumpy Cat is Harry Styles, obviously.
We won't say the song is good, but it does have some LOL-worthy lyrics. "You've got the Slip'N Slide set up/We'll drink the water just because. Then take a turn and play croquet/Well, too bad if you're in the way," one verse goes. (Salmon is mentioned so many times that we began to detect a fishy odor just by power of suggestion.)
The clip is technically a commercial for Friskies Grillers, but it's also for a good cause: When you share the video, Purina will donate meals to cats in shelters around the country. So go ahead and download the song to blast on any and all road trips and beach days. It's a cat summer, and we are powerless to the purrfectness of it all. (Popdust)

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