Artist Brings His Childhood Doodles To Life, Cue Nostalgia

When Telmo Pieper was a child, it's unlikely his teachers or parents thought that being an artist was his one true calling in life. He certainly didn't demonstrate a prodigious talent, at least not based on the very rudimentary doodles that have been making the rounds today online.
But, the reason Pieper's drawings have gone viral is because the Dutch-born Pieper did become an artist. A pretty good one, too.
In his brand new series, "Kiddie Arts," Pieper has unearthed his earliest creations and used Photoshop to digitally recreate them. The results are fantastical, surreal, and downright strange. They also fill us with the nostalgia of being a child, a time before we were burdened by rules and insecurities (and Photoshop).
Pieper is now one half of the successful Rotterdam muralist duo Telmo Miel, and he likely has his four-year-old self to thank.
Click through to see more of his whimsical work.

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