Watch Cara Delevingne Lip-Sync LL Cool J’s “Control Myself”

Over the past month, we've been seeing things from Cara Delevingne that make us wonder if she'll quit modeling. First, she showed off her drumming skills. And, she's been quite open about her willingness to ditch the runway for a six-month stint to record an album. Now, Delevingne's showing us just how well she can perform. In her latest project, she's lip-syncing along to the LL Cool J classic "Control Myself" for Love magazine.
In a video that could very well have been styled by Katy Perry, the model pretty much nails her rendition of the '90s jam. The video is aptly titled "Caraoke." Check out the clip below. It's all the convincing you'll need to want to see Cara D. hit the recording studio. (Love Mag)