Rihanna May Have Gotten Her Nose Pierced

Forget the World Cup and whatever is happening in the political sphere because Rihanna walked around New York City. But, she didn't just walk around, folks. She walked around with a nose ring — a barbed one, at that! What news. Very shocking!
Various media outlets report that RiRi pierced her septum. The caption that accompanied this image claims that she "held a tissue in her hand to prevent the fresh piercing from bleeding." But, let's not all jump to the same conclusion here. Perhaps Rihanna had a summer cold and wanted to guard the paparazzi from a nasty sneeze. Perhaps the maybe-piercing isn't a piercing at all, but rather one of those Givenchy nose rings. Did we use precious brain cells to speculate over the pierced status of Kendall Jenner when she sported that gargantuan hoop at Coachella? No.
The Great Nasal Debate of July 10, 2014, will no doubt continue until something equally noteworthy (and shocking/rebellious/punk!) surfaces, like Taylor Swift leaving the gym wearing a Black Flag shirt. (Elle)
Update: We called it. Rihanna is totally not pierced. We received an e-mail from the company that represents Meadowlark Jewellery, the New Zealand designer behind Rih's ring. The Thorn Septum Ring isn't available to the mass market yet, but can be pre-ordered if you're into fooling both your friends and the press.
spl798877_001Photo: Splash News.