The Nostalgic Pieces That Could Double Your Styling Possibilities

Good thing you kept all of those windbreakers and overalls in your closet for sentimental reasons, because nostalgia is a strong fashion influencer.
It all started with normcore, which made dad-dressing cool and fashion people declare their love for Birkenstocks. Now, our once loved styles are not only returning, they're helping us expand our sartorial possibilities.
Instead of dropping cash on '90s-inspired items, HuffPo reminds us that shopping your own closet (or your parent's garage) is just as effective. Not only does it solve that whole "I have nothing to wear" dilemma, but it can also keep your favorite old Levi's onesies in steady rotation.
As for the specific '90s and early aughts trends to look for inside your very own archives, head over to HuffPost Style for clues on which pieces to bring from the back of your wardrobe into the daylight. (Hint: Fanny packs are no longer just a punchline.) (HuffPost Style)

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