This Instagram Hack Will Blow Your Mind

1instaPhoto: courtesy Refinery29 Instagram.
When you take photos using Instagram, you feel like a pro. When you view photos on Instagram, however, you're a squinty-eyed mess. In a technophilic culture in which even iPad-armed babies know how to double-tap and zoom, the app's one-size-fits-all images fall a little short. That's especially true if you have bad eyesight or simply want a closer look at one of Jen Selter's belfies.
Here's a phone hack that will get around all that. Under Settings, click on General and then Accessibility. Switch the Zoom setting to on.
If there's an Instagram photo you want to examine a bit more closely, zoom in by double-tapping with three of your fingers. (It's admittedly a bit clunky, but it does the job.) Swiping up with the three digits zooms in further, while swiping down zooms out. Dragging with your three fingers allows you to move around.
Nifty, right? God forbid you let a tiny image get in the way of your ability to sniff out a coat of mascara on the next celebrity no-makeup selfie. (OSX Daily)

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