12 World Cup Dogs Who Put Your Fandom To Shame

Dogs are often touted for their loyalty to their owners. So, you better believe that loyalty only intensifies when it comes to supporting their World Cup teams.
In fact, a cursory glance at the hundreds of images under #WorldCupDogs is enough to make you feel like you're not being serious enough about this whole soccer thing.
Sure, the team associations here are likely forced upon theses pooches by their owners but that doesn't make it any less badass. In fact, some of these dogs definitely show a general enthusiasm for the sport altogether. Soccer is a lot of running around after balls, after all. And, that's a canine's favorite pastime.
Ahead, 12 doggies and their can't-stop-won't-stop attitudes for this sporting event.
Don't be fooled by this pooch's apparent scowl. It's just his game face. USA! USA!
Talk about blind loyalty.
Japan has been knocked out of the Cup, but this dog feels more like a general soccer enthusiast to us.
"Put me in, coach. Put. Me. In."
A very dedicated fan.
This dog is READY for Tuesday's match.
This portrait accurately depicts the simultaneous shock and jubilance after yesterday's Brazil match.
Though this little fella's team didn't win today, this chihuahua's standing by his players.
Team Colombia.
Can you join this Pomeranian on the couch to watch the games? Survey says: Nope.
When emotions run high, naps are essential.
She's small, but she's mighty.

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