Laura Prepon & Jason Biggs Have A Crush On The "Hot Felon"

494334569Photo: David M. Benett/Getty Images.
It was the mugshot that broke the Internet. Those baby blues. That chiseled jaw. Jeremy Meeks' photo went viral last week, and not surprisingly, it caught the attention of one of TV's most famous convicts: Laura Prepon. Along with her Orange Is The New Black costar Jason Biggs, the actress chatted with People about the now infamous mugshot.
What makes the snap so memorable? "It's his eyes," Prepon declared. Biggs seemed to be equally impressed. "Look at the jawline! I mean, wowza!" he said. "If I was his victim, and that was the last face I looked at in my life...could be worse. Could be Charles Manson, or it could be this guy."
Biggs also pointed out there's another, much less flattering photo of Meeks floating around, too. "That one sort of debunked this picture. But, this is a pretty damn good photo. I'm just saying." (People)

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