Infographic Shows We Need More Words To Describe Clothing

When it comes to sartorial choices, men and women don't necessarily always see eye to eye. The disparity speaks to the success of The Man Repeller, who's built an empire on the concept that we should dress to satisfy and empower ourselves, rather than for the pleasure of the opposite sex. But now, eBay is shedding more light on this interesting discrepancy.
In a new survey, eBay Deals polled 500 members of both sexes about what they think about various male and female clothing items. An additional 150 were asked to describe the garments. The results weren't all exactly shocking (guys find high heels sexy, for one). In fact, we weren't surprised by opinions therein, but the language used to express them. Terms like "ugly," "hot," and "nice" filled the infographic. And, while, yes, crop tops can be "good," and fedoras are "okay," we're sure there's more that women and men, alike, can say about the styles. How about "provocative," "dapper," "transformative," or any other descriptor more suited to a person's style than, say, a Saltine?
Head over to HuffPost Style for more results from the weirdly disappointing survey. Plus, find out why yoga pants may be the one clothing item that men and women seem to agree upon. Nice, right? (HuffPost Style)

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