THIS Is How You Wear Sweats At The Airport

rexusa_2144774b-embedPhoto: Beretta/Sims/REX USA.
The perfect airport outfit could require more planning than your carry-on: It’s all about striking that balance between practicality and not looking like you just tossed and turned through a red eye when you haven't even taken off yet. And, with paparazzi at the gate awaiting their arrival, celebrities may have even more of a challenge. But, that doesn't mean they should rely on the stilettos-at-the-baggage-claim approach we've seen on Miranda Kerr, Beyoncé, or Kim Kardashian. (We certainly don't want to.) Just look at Rita Ora, a travel pragmatist who's inspiring us with lazy-day wear.
Ditching everything form-fitted or fancy, Ora's travel look makes the case for the sweats-on-sweats. What makes this different from the gray, Champion version in your dad's closet, is that her ensemble has a sleeker, slimmer-fitted pant, as well as a tunic-shaped top as opposed to a bunchy, normcore pullover. With a personalized adidas varsity jacket and Chanel sneakers, the singer also follows all TSA regulations (as far as we're concerned): shoes that are easy to slip off at the security checkpoint, a jacket that'll keep you warm at 30,000 feet, and a fit that allows you to contort yourself into weird positions for in-seat snoozing. Snaps to Ora for making a suit out of her sweats that's not at all like a sweatsuit.

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