Realize Your DuckTales Dreams With This Gold-Dispensing ATM

2Photo: amNewYork/Noelani Montero.
For far too long, you've watched Scrooge McDuck surf down his cascading piles of gold. For far too long, you've stood by as he inexplicably dives in and out of coin pools. No more, dear friend. No. More. Your DuckTales dreams are now a reality, thanks to a gold-dispensing ATM in Midtown. Located in front of Stack's Bowers at 123 W. 57th Street, the "GOLD to go" machine hands out one-ounce, five-gram, and 10-gram bars, as well as silver coins. Prices depend on the daily market value of each metal, but the going rate for an ounce of gold is about $1,300.
Apparently, the bling-est ATM on the block sees about three customers per day. You must scan your ID or passport to use the machine, which was invented to help combat inflation. In the ever-changing currency market, this is perhaps a bit genius. Brilliant economic logic aside, it's also straight-up ridiculous. (AM New York)

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