Victor Cruz's Next Stop: Hollywood?

2Photo: Getty Images for McDonalds.
We've had our eye on Victor Cruz for quite some time. And, it's not just because he's so (very, very) beautiful to look at. The Giants' wide receiver is a veritable force in the NFL and a local legend. We caught up with Cruz at the FIFA World Cup Event hosted by McDonalds on Thursday. Ahead, he talks about his pre-game routines, the NFL draft, and a possible future on the big screen.
Do you think the Rangers are going to win the Stanley Cup?
“Absolutely. It’s a long series; we’ve got potentially seven games, but I do think we’re going to take it home.”
What about when it's you on the field — do you do anything weird to get ready for the game?
“I have kind of a routine, but not necessarily weird. [I] just come in at a certain time...if I’m off like a minute I don’t feel right; I’ve got to recoup, I’ve got to do something. But, I definitely have to stick to my routine.”
Do you have any pump-up music that you listen to before games?
“Definitely a lot of Jay Z, a lot of J. Cole. I'm a huge hip-hop fan, so Young Jeezy, Rick Ross. I’m listening to all those guys before I get ready to go out there.”
What did you think about the draft this year?
“I thought it was good! You know, the draft is a spectacle now. It’s three days, it’s drawn out, but it’s fun to see... Literally you get to see these kids’ lives change right before you, so it’s amazing to be able to capture that now on TV, and everybody gets to see it.”
Who are you most excited about from the drafts?
“I’m excited about our guy, Odell Beckham Jr. — he’s a good kid. I’ve been talking to him every day, keeping his head straight. So, I’m excited for him to really flourish and develop in the NFL, and we’ll see how it goes.”
You've said before that when you were younger, you thought about becoming an actor. Do you see any movies out there right now that you’re like ‘Oh, I should be in that!’?
“It’s still a dream of mine, honestly. With my job, it’s hard to do, but I’m going to dabble into that world soon enough. I would love to be in the Fantastic Four movies. Obviously something where I can show my athleticism and stuff like that would be dope... When that day comes, you guys’ll know.”

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