Instagram Is Aiming To Be Photoshop For Your Phone

instagramPhoto: Courtesy of Instagram.
Yesterday, we learned that Apple's iOS 8 will include new photo-editing tools for all the aspiring photogs out there, when it's released this fall. Unfortunately, this feature may be coming a little too late.
Today, Instagram announced 10 new editing tools that will allow its many devotees to make their brunch photos even more palatable to the eye. Not only will users be able to adjust the intensity of their beloved filters with an easy-to-use slide bar, they can also adjust an image's saturation, brightness, and contrast.
"All of us [at Instagram] are kind of photo geeks, but we're trying to bridge the gap between being a photo geek and the rest of the world," says Instagram's director of product, Peter Deng. "Instagram's always been about taking these tools that were previously inaccessible...and making them accessible for free for everyone that uses Instagram."
Instagram 6.0, which is available for both iOS and Android starting today, will also allow users to play with an image's armth, highlights, shadows, vignettes, and sharpness. The tools can be accessed in a horizontal list, displayed by tapping the new wrench icon.
While some users may be intimidated by design terms like "armth" and "vignette," the photo-sharing service insists that despite the new features, Instagram is as user-friendly as ever. With independent photo-editing apps like the wildly popular VSCO Cam hot on its heels, Instagram's foray into the popular new frontier of mobile photo editing is long overdue. (The Verge)

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