This Kanye West Mustard Polo Costs $400 (But You Could Just DIY One For Free)

335kanyeCourtesy of Bandulu.
Today in egregiously priced attire that you could DIY: the All Falls Down Polo. Brought to shoppers by Bandulu, which "means fake, bootleg, ghetto," per the brand's site, this piece is a pink, Ralph Lauren shirt (horseman and all) featuring a hand-embroidered "mustard stain." It's an upscale take on the top Kanye West sported in his 2004 music video of the same name. Bandulu was careful not to explicitly mention 'Ye on the product page, instead posting a blurry screen shot of maybe-Yeezy in front of a set of urinals, French's splotch in sight. Because, we don't want things getting litigious over a 10-year-old faux-condiment mishap, do we?
The perfect, $400 present for a size-medium gentleman — there's only one available! — the polo harkens back to Kanye's preppier days. (He soon experienced a semi-dark Shutter Shades Period, followed by his conception of the Rosewood Movement and, later, his leather jogging pants invention, Fashionista notes. Each readied the rapper for his Age of Margiela Masks and current era of Kimye outfit coordination.) But, if you got a problem with spendin' before you get it, or wouldn't spend four hundred bucks on this, anyway, buy a bottle of sauce and allow it to all fall down a tee of your choosing. (Fashionista)

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