Facebook Is Single Shaming You

Facebook is always trying to figure us out. Which of these movies have you seen? Where is your hometown? Which elementary school did you attend? It's all in an attempt to expand our social networks, but sometimes these questions can feel invasive — and kind of like a credit report. And, today's development is no exception. Now, your relationship status will be on display — regardless of your privacy settings — and a topic for debate among friends.
Users will now notice a button labeled "Ask" next to their relationship status. This comes up only for those people listed as single or who haven't disclosed a status. When an inquiring mind wants to know more, he or she simply clicks the button and has the option to send a customized message to friends regarding their romantic life. They'll receive a notification that someone's asked about their relationship status, and they can choose to respond with an answer, update their profile, or simply ignore the request altogether. It seems there's no way to nix this new add-on.
As if answering our family's prying questions at the holidays wasn't bad enough, now single people everywhere have to answer to Zuckerberg, too. (Business Insider)

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