NYC May Host The 2024 Summer Olympics

_MG_7758_R_RubyYehPhotographed by Ruby Yeh.
If you just love how easy it is to get around the city when the Obamas or the Super Bowl are in town, you may have another all-city event to look forward to: Governor Cuomo is considering a push for NYC to host the 2024 Summer Games. Former Deputy Mayor Daniel Doctoroff is leading the charge, putting forward a plan to redevelop parts of the city (read: Queens) to make New York a more attractive bid.
Of course, Mayor de Blasio must weigh in on the deicision, too. He told the New York Daily News he'd meet with Cuomo's team to see if the Olympics were a reasonable ask before making any official offer. "There may be a scenario where it makes sense, but I would say the bar is high," De Blasio told the newspaper, noting that cities have had a mix of success and failure when hosting the international event.
Other cities that have put forward bids include Dallas, Boston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Diego, and San Francisco. The International Olympic Committee is expected to make its decision by the end of this year. The real question is: How would we survive with an East Village, a West Village, and an Olympic Village? (NY Daily News)

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