Have Clothes Finally Gotten Too Cheap?

embedPhoto: Courtesy of Forever 21.
As anyone who's ever needed a going-out outfit the Friday before payday knows, Forever 21 is an eternal wellspring of cheap-yet-cute clothes. But, the retailer apparently has plans to make its offering even cheaper. Fashionista reports that on Saturday, Forever 21 opened its first F21 Red store in South Gate, California. The massive, 18,000-square-foot establishment features even lower price points than its parent store, including $1.80 camisoles, $3.80 T-shirts, and $7.80 pairs of jeans.
Don Chang, Forever 21's founder and CEO, said in a statement: "With F21 Red, we are able to deliver greater quantities of the styles our customers seek, while maintaining the value with entry-level category price points Forever 21 is known for offering.” But, these price points go beyond all reasonable definitions of affordability. At the costs listed above, we could literally buy an entire outfit for less than we usually spend on lunch. What does it say about the value we truly place on fashion — and the people who make our garments — when prices drop so low, clothes are practically being given away? (Fashionista)