Babies Named Brooklyn Are Officially An Epidemic

bkPhoto: Courtesy of Slate.
If you live in New York City and the headline above doesn't make sense to you, it's because New Yorkers are relatively immune to an alarming trend in baby naming that's sweeping the nation.
According to Slate, in 2012 around 5 in every 10,000 baby girls from Brooklyn were actually named Brooklyn. Compare that to the 131 out of every 10,000 baby girls born in West Virginia that were named Brooklyn that same year, and it's clear that New Yorkers aren't into naming babies after the five boroughs.
But, that hasn't prevented the rest of the country for falling head over heels for the name, which has officially become the most popular "B" name for girls. Sorry, Betty. Buh-bye Bridget. You guys had a good run.
The question now is, why is America having a love affair with the name "Brooklyn?"
We would like to blame the following things/people: Victoria Beckham, for being the first celebrity to name their child Brooklyn; Lena Dunham, for making the show Girls and setting it in Brooklyn; Jay Z, for being the coolest guy on earth who just happens to be from Brooklyn; Williamsburg, for convincing middle America that Brooklyn is "where it's at," and Brooklyn Decker, for obvious reasons.
Eventually the name Brooklyn won't be cool anymore because everyone's doing it and that's how trends usually fizzle out. We just hope around this time next year we're not writing the same article about Staten Island. (Slate)

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