Breaking: Facebook Ending Poke Wars

fb2Photo: Courtesy of Facebook.
Facebook is constantly making changes. Usually it's something trivial, like a not-so-public announcement that all your photos will now be searchable. Or, slightly redesigning your news feed. Yesterday, however, the social network did something nearly unforgivable, outraging longtime users.
The social medium has retired its Poke app, sending it to greener pastures along with Bumper Stickers and Wall Graffiti.
The decision came after developers finally accepted Poke could never compete against Snapchat. The Poke app, which allowed photo, video, and message sharing, contained a similar disappearing-act feature. But, the only documented evidence of the app's actual use is by Zuckerberg's family themselves (kidding).
Facebookers can continue to privately poke each other (on the website, at least), as the 2004 relic still exists within the margins of the site. Given this development, however, the fate of the Poke concept altogether remains uncertain.
Now that we've seen the downfall of Zuckerberg's app, the community must face a difficult question: If you create an app, and teenagers don't use it, did it ever really exist? (Mashable)

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