Pippa Un-Middletons Her Hair, Cuts A Lob

rexusa_2069886baPhoto: Richard Young/REX USA.
Whenever we hear the words "Middleton" and "hair" in the same sentence, our ears immediately perk up. But, the newest instance of royal tresses didn't have anything to do with Kate — it's Pippa and her mane that have people talking. She was spotted at a party in London with a trendy lob, which is a serious departure from the long hair she (and the rest of the women in her family) have become well-known for.
Kate and Pippa clearly have a close relationship, but maybe this was a way for the younger sister to differentiate herself from the royal reign mane of Kate? After all, it's strange to have your older sibling be the future queen of England. Kate is so heavily in the public eye that it's also thrust the rest of the Middletons into the spotlight as well. Pippa is constantly compared to her queen-to-be sister in the media, and when her hair was longer, it was always lumped in with Kate's. Much of our identity is wrapped up in our hair, so perhaps this was Pippa's way of forging her own aesthetic existence. If that's the case, we've got to give her kudos.
Either way, we love how well this short hair suits Pippa. Now, the real question: What if Kate gets inspired by her hairstyle and cuts her own to this length? There's a real possibility that the Internet may implode. We're bracing ourselves for impact.

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