This Fashion Quiz Will Prove Who's Really A Friends Superfan

friendsPhoto: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Television, Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions.
Before the onslaught of reality-TV shows looking for the next major fashion designer or top model, there was Friends' Rachel Green, one of the small screen's most memorable fashion-loving fanatics. Let's not forget: The Long-Island-raised, runaway bride had Barneys on speed dial, held a prestigious position at Ralph Lauren, and almost moved to Paris to work for Louis Vuitton. We may have laughed at Chandler and Joey's antics and Phoebe's umpteenth encore of "Smelly Cat," but style also played a pretty big part in the 10-season sitcom.
And — pop quiz! — now's the time to prove if you were paying attention. With this week marking a decade since Friends went off the air, HuffPost Style has crafted a quiz for the most style-observant viewers only. Forget guest stars or which restaurant Monica worked at (Alessandro's and Javu, in case you're wondering) — these questions want to know if you can name the Halloween costume Rachel wore in season eight or what kind of dip ruined Phoebe's yellow dress in "The One Where No One's Ready." Click over for a little test that separates the fans from the superfans people who have watched way too much syndication. (HuffPost Style)

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