Lace-Front Eyebrows Are The Craziest Thing You’ll See Today

unnamed-2Photographed by Sarah Balch; illustrated by Ammiel Mendoza.
Big-eyebrow mania has reached its tipping point, with the trend getting so zany that women are tossing aside their brow pencils for full-on brow transplants. But, the latest craze is one even we didn't see coming: lace-front eyebrows, which are essentially faux lashes for your face.
What, exactly, is a lace-front brow? Consider it the little sister to the lace-front wig, which is composed of real or faux hair sewn into thick layers of lace. The wearer slips on a wig cap, applies some glue or tape, and then affixes the wig. The brows work pretty much the same way: Itty-bitty pieces of hair are sewn onto the lace in the shape of brows. But, since there is no "cap" for your brows, you swipe a special adhesive onto the back strip and lay them down right on top of your natural brows. Ouch. If you're thinking this sounds like furry brow stickers, well, you'd be correct.
While these tiny brow wigs may seem bizarre (our jaws admittedly dropped when we saw them), in reality, they aren't that different from false eyelashes. Also, it's important to note that, as this YouTube tutorial points out, these faux brows can help individuals experiencing hair loss after undergoing chemotherapy achieve the look of natural eyebrows.
Aside from the fact that glue can get pretty messy (and painful) when you're dealing with hair, this actually seems like a good way for ladies with less-than-full brows to achieve a decent set. We've seen how straight-up awful eyebrows can come out when they're overdone with pencils and powders. The lace-fronts basically eliminate the possibility of a serious screw-up. A little freaky, yes, but could these actually be a good alternative? We want to know: Would you ever give lace-front brows a go?

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