Watch: We Met YouTube's Biggest Stars

Imagine, for a moment, you're a teenager again. Think about the artists, celebrities, and bands you used to obsess over. Now, think about what it would feel like to actually meet Jonathan Taylor Thomas those people. Is it safe to assume your 13-year-old self would probably freak out? Of course you would. You're only human, after all.
Even though we're not teenagers anymore, we still want to know what's cool at school these days. What's everyone talking about? Whose faces are plastered on bedroom walls? Essentially, who is the new guard? The answer: Michelle Phan, Bethany Mota, and Rosanna Pansino. These three have built beauty, fashion, and culinary YouTube empires, respectively, thanks to a seriously dedicated audience of teenaged viewers. Last week, YouTube hosted the ladies for a meet-and-greet event with their biggest fans. So, we took the opportunity to hang out, learn the art of building a YouTube fandom, and practice our photobombing skills. Watch the video to see how we did.


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