Betsey Johnson & Urban Outfitters Are Bringing The ’90s Back

Good news, '90s lovers! Your favorite decade is alive and well in Urban Outfitters' exclusive, Betsey Johnson Vintage capsule collection. The retailer replicated the designer's most loved creations of yore, crafting floral maxi-dresses, lace slips, and pouffy, pink prom dresses that perfectly encapsulate Johnson's Girls-Just-Want-To-Have-Fun-meets-grunge style. Who knew that the cure for serious nineties nostalgia could be found at the nearest mall (or online)?
Get that Hole-era Courtney Love vibe by pairing the dresses ahead with biker boots, plaid button-downs, and leather jackets. Or, style the frocks anew for spring. They retail from $89 to $350, and we have a hunch they won't be on the shelves for long. So, score yours now — and be sure to show your excitement with a Betsey-inspired cartwheel. Get ready to party like it's 199...2.