The Legend Of The White House Fox Is Very Real & Very Cute

A real-life version of Wes Anderson's Fantastic Mr. Fox is playing out at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The legend of The White House fox first emerged during the government shutdown, when it was reportedly picking through Michelle Obama's personal garden. We presume it was to gather some lovely magenta Petunias for his upcoming anniversary with Mrs. Fox. Nevertheless, those are the first lady's flowers, so paws off!
Well, it appears that despite the extensive resources at The White House's disposal, it has been unable to apprehend the furry culprit who has had his way with the historic grounds. The fox has tripped off alarms in the middle of the night, peed where he pleases, and run amok the way foxes are known to do. And, today was his official coming out party, as The Wall Street Journal gave the elusive animal the front-page treatment. Unfortunately, if Mr. Fox's ultimate goal is to be adopted by the Obamas, infiltrate the administration, and take over the world, he's out of luck. They already have pets. (NY Mag)

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