Airbnb’s Bed & Brothel Network May Happen In Your Home

airbnb_embedPhoto: Courtesy of Airbnb.
Watch out, Manhattanites — while you were on vacation, someone may have had a sex-fest in your apartment. The Post reports that prostitutes are using the home-sharing site, Airbnb, to conduct business in rented apartments rather than hotel rooms.
Escort agencies are having their workers use personal Airbnb accounts when renting rooms for their sexual escapades, which means it all goes down unbeknownst to the apartment owner. So, if you thought you rented your pretty pad to a European tourist or a traveling executive — think again.
The discreetness of Airbnb is more appealing to agencies than renting hotel rooms for clients. "Hotels have doormen and cameras," one prostitute told The Post. "They ask questions. Apartments are usually buzz-in." Plus, for around $200 to $400 per day in rent, many of these agencies are saving money by not paying far more expensive hotel rates.
Airbnb host Jessica Penzari told the publication about returning to her condom-strewn apartment after a call from the cops saying a sex worker had been slashed there. Airbnb responded promptly, set Penzari up in a hotel, and covered her apartment repair costs.
Is the bed-n-brothel network on the rise? Will the NYPD crackdown continue? Either way, this is really making us rethink our next vacation. (New York Post)