We Won ALL The Webbies! (Can You Tell We're Thrilled?)

Webby_slidePhotographed by Lauren Perlstein.
UPDATE: Thanks to your clicks, your support, and your shares, we not only won both Webby Awards we were nominated for (best in Fashion & Beauty and Email Newsletter), but also the People's Voice Award for Fashion & Beauty. It's a huge honor, and we're still glowing (not to mention, a little hoarse), thanks to the good news. We're stoked that all our hard work has set us apart, and we're psyched to continue making the Internet and your inboxes ever more beautiful in 2014 — now, please excuse us while we nurse our Prosecco hangovers.
Originally Published on April 10, 2014:
Not to toot our own horns, but…toot. We've been nominated for two Webby Awards, and we're absolutely over the (total lunar-eclipse blood) moon about it.
We're in such good company, too, and we're so proud and humbled to be ranked among friends and peers like Into The Gloss and Net-A-Porter. But, this is a competition after all, folks, and we've never wanted two coiled-spring things as much as we do these.
Feeling helpful and clicky? Of course you are — so, head over to the 18th Annual Webby Awards site and vote for us in the best Email Newsletter and Fashion & Beauty categories. Trust us, the amount of love and good vibes we're sending you through the air is totally worth the super-easy, not-invasive, won't-sign-you-up-for-spam-if-you-make-sure-to-check-that-box, two-click voting process.

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