Why Is Emma Watson Absolutely Glowing?

rexusa_1949763cbPhoto: David Fisher/REX USA.
Most of the time, when we see Emma Watson, we imagine she's just like us. She's the kind of gal we'd like to grab a beer with or swap beauty tricks. But, sometimes we're convinced she actually possesses all the magic she's ever pretended to have on the big screen. For example, she shows up on the red carpet looking like this — glowing, lovely, completely flawless in an all-white ensemble.
At the Noah premiere last night, Watson wore a Ralph Lauren Collection dress with a high-cut side slit that moved with the actress as she walked floated down the red carpet. Sources say at one point her feet didn't even touch the ground. (Okay, fine, April Fools.) But, considering other red-carpet pictures from the event show grown men (namely Russell Crowe) bundled up, it's possible Emma may have some kind of superpowers that not only make her glow like an angel, but also leave her unfazed by chilly temps. Take that, Mother Nature.

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