Kate Moss & Johnny Depp’s ’90s NYC Pad Is Up For Rent

kate_embedPhoto: BEImages/Alex J. Berliner.
Even when we're not apartment hunting, it's sometimes fun to peruse the local listings. And there's one property in New York City's Greenwich Village (on Waverly Place) that seems quite appealing.
Talk about features: Heated floors and 25-foot ceilings, and two levels of private outdoor space. Plus blackout shades and a floating bathtub. (A floating bathtub!). And it doesn't even matter that we have no idea what a floating bathtub is, because all these fancy accoutrements are meaningless when compared to the fact that this apartment is the late-'90s home of Johnny Depp and Kate Moss.
We haven't visited (yet), but we imagine that stepping inside the former home of one of the most iconic couple of the '90s instantly transports you into a world where CBGB and the Canal Jean Company still exist (among other lower Manhattan landmarks). And at $19,000 per month, it's a steal. Because you can't really put a price on the bragging rights. (Fashionista)