Would You Wear A Wedding Band If You’re Not Married?

Today, we got to thinking that our left ring finger is feeling a little neglected. And, no, not in the "someone better put a ring on it quick" kind of way. Instead, it was this little gem from Into The Gloss that got us wondering why we haven't slipped a band onto it ourselves.
We came up with a few possible answers. There was "We're saving it for marriage, right?" And, "Isn't it bad luck?" Then, finally, "Dunno." We basically got nowhere. But, what the article did do (much better than our own inner dialogue) was start a conversation about the true significance of the left ring finger. After all, in an age when every wedding is a unique reflection of the individual couple, why is it still such a widely accepted idea that we have to wear our relationship status on one specific digit? And, what makes a wedding band a wedding band and not just a gorgeous ring? The options are mighty pretty, and if we never decide to tie the knot, we don't want to miss out entirely.
We can't say we're going to change all our ring-wearing habits right away, but maybe it's time to rethink why some of us have banned the band. Click over to read the story and check out the badass examples of ladies who've decked out all their fingers with bands — no marriage license, required. (Into The Gloss)
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