The Best NYC Proposal, Possibly Ever

Finding a taxi in New York City can be tricky — especially if it's raining or between 4:00 and 4:30 p.m. But, we digress. Cab hunting has been extra tricky for Lesley Frankel. She's been trying to track down the car with medallion 8D99 — the one her grandfather drove from 1955 to 1995. So, her boyfriend John Tracy decided to help her out. “I tried calling 311," he explained in an interview with The New York Post. "I took cabs around the city and would ask them if they knew any database to get in touch with other cabdrivers.” When neither of those strategies worked, however, Tracy took to social media. He sent Tweets to the Taxi & Limousine Commission, who put him in touch with the medallion's owner, Sergio Cabrera.
As it turns out, the TLC is quite the romantic bunch. Conan Feud, the commission's chief operating officer said people "have used taxis many times over the years to make love connections, and we were only too happy to help this couple achieve their happily-ever-after." So, Cabrera and Tracy drove to the hospital where Frankel was working to pick her up. Frankel recognized the medallion instantly. And, in the cab, Tracy proposed. She, of course, said yes, because it's the best thing ever. (NY Post)