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Meet The Cat Magazine Of Your Dreams

2Photo: Courtesy of Puss Puss magazine.
Clear off your coffee table and make room for a different kind of magazine. Puss Puss is a brand-new glossy devoted to the feline species. Yes, this fashion, lifestyle, and culture periodical celebrates the humble puss cat on each and every page.
Banish any images of pages filled with naff kitty accessories and step-by-step guides to delousing your beloved moggie. Rather, the magazine elevates the relationship between the domestic cat and its human companions to new levels. In the first issue, the Puss Puss team travels to Beijing to meet artist Ai Weiwei, who has over 30 cats living in his compound. Illustrator Jean Jullien sketches some of the internet’s most popular faces, like Colonel Meow and Lil Bub, and they’ve even photographed some of London’s most creative talent at home with their pets.
Puss Puss is currently in Kickstarter mode, and while a £1 donation receives a big furry thank you, all this cat culture doesn't come cheap: a single copy is £12, and for those of you with deeper pockets, a £45 donation will get you a copy of the magazine and a limited edition Jean Jullien poster. Tempted to get this project off the ground? Click the video below and discover even more reasons why this magazine has to happen.

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