The Olsen Twins Are Coordinating Their Socks & Sandals Now

spl724796_004Photo: Ron Asadorian/Splash News.
One surefire way to get a group of fashion folks (or any folks) riled up is to bring up the topic of socks with sandals. Some might even roll their eyes and tell you to stop taking fashion advice from their great-uncle Chip on vacation in Boca Raton. But, the Olsen twins have a solid defense of the style. Two of 'em, actually.
Arriving at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City this weekend, the CFDA-nominated designers sported chunky socks with their Birkenstock-like sandals. In fact, it looks like they may even be wearing the same jeans, too. While the sight of the Olsens in matching outfits is enough to make any Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley fan's head explode, these looks are really all about the maybe-high-fashion (maybe-frumpy) footwear fad. Sure, these two are certainly proponents of new trends, and pairing socks with sandals isn't even a new thing — just ask Prada or Marc Jacobs. But, maybe this is one of those between-sisters things we don't get? Maybe we're not supposed to get it? Maybe you get it, and if that's the case, please weigh in below.

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