A Kitten Reenacts WALL-E, The World Explodes With Cuteness

wall-e-EMBEDDEDPhoto: Courtesy of Disney Pixar.
Did you love WALL-E and all of its robotic, heartwarming splendor? (Of course, you did.) Then, prepare for some cuteness overload in the form of a YouTube clip.
The folks at The Pet Collective used a kitten to reenact the Disney Pixar classic, and the result is arguably as lovable as the original. The bright-eyed kitty doesn't know what he's gotten himself into in this homemade clip, but he is utterly adorable nonetheless. From traveling through space to Eva and Wall-e's kiss, the vid goes through the whole flick in just two minutes. Peek the clip below, and try not to let your "awwww" distract your coworkers. (Nerd Approved)