5 Common-Sense Cures To Help Miley Cyrus With Her Wicked Sunburn

Alright, so it's rare that we have a lot of sympathy for Miley Cyrus (other emotions come to mind). But, the singer posted a shot via Twitter on Thursday that caused us to gasp in sympathy and want to rush to her aid. (Well, not rush, but, you know what we mean.) It seems that everyone's favorite tongue-exposing former child star has a wicked sunburn, and by wicked, we mean that it looks blister-bound bad. Yikes.
Cyrus is sporting one of too-much-sun-exposure levels of redness that cause people who don't even know you to grit their teeth in a show of solidarity; they feel your pain. Most of us have been there: fell asleep without a timer, got caught up in a game of volleyball, too many margaritas in the sun, etc. Suddenly, you've lost track of time, and there you are, hours later, popping Advil like Tic-Tacs and melting ice cubes on your back.
Since her tour features a lot of costume changes, we're offering the following solutions to help correct the burn and get things back on track as quickly as possible. Because can you imagine ripping clothes on and off like a five-alarm fire on your body? Nope.
Here's another piece of advice: Limit that sun exposure, girl. Fame won't protect you from melanoma, and continued burns like this are an express lane to skin cancer. Keep it up and wrinkles will be the least of your concerns. You're a rock star: Go for giant shades and the big umbrella, gal. It's very Hollywood, and it'll prevent future damage.

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